Despite being queue-able in CS:GO’s competitive matchmaking, Office is the biggest Valve-made meme map in the game. Still, there are players who do queue for, and even only play Office in matchmaking. The term “Office Elite” refers to players who reach high rank just by playing this map. CT’s spawn outside and have to infiltrate … Read more


Agency is another map that takes place at the top of a skyscraper, but this time you’ll be going inside to rescue hostages. The Hostage gamemode is different from normal CS:GO, where now the CT’s have to attack an area the T’s are defending in order to pick up a hostage and bring them back … Read more


Cache is a favorite map of PUG players and DM capable teams. There are few CS GO maps more tactically straightforward than Cache. With a limited number of ways to push into and defend both bomb sites, Cache is a big test of quickness and mechanics. The A site has two entrances, Main and Squeaky. … Read more


Before it was removed from the active duty lineup, Train was the most CT sided map in competitive Counter-Strike. With tons of open space, narrow corridors, and brutal sightlines, Train can be a very difficult map to get the hang of. On their rollout, T’s have the option of going straight to A main, or … Read more


Ancient is the newest map to hit the active-duty pool. This spiritual successor to de_aztec was created by Valve in 2020 and introduced to competitive in mid-2021. Ancient is a very big map made mostly of corridors. The most open spaces on the map are actually the bomb sites themselves. Ancient is also by far … Read more


Dust2 is [everyone’s] favorite long sightline, aim heavy map. Compared to other CS:GO maps, Dust2 is much more basic in terms of setups and strategies used. Most of the time, rounds are determined by a single grouped play with standard utility usage and an emphasis on winning aim duels/trading kills. A site provides the most … Read more


The original multilayered CS:GO map is Nuke. Taking place in a nuclear power plant, the T’s need to infiltrate one of two rooms containing nuclear silos. Much of the map takes place indoors, but there is a very potent wide open outdoors space that needs to be controlled, or else flanks can come through at … Read more


Taking place at the top of a skyscraper, Vertigo has the most unique location among CS:GO maps. Vertigo operates on two floors, with CT’s starting on the upper and T’s on the lower. In order for T’s to take a bomb site, they’ll need to clear upwards to the next floor and displace the defenders. … Read more


Overpass takes place in a German urban setting and is one of the biggest maps in the active duty lineup. CT’s start on top of the A site and can quickly rotate through spawn to the lower B site. There are many potential areas of contention on Overpass, as the map is too large to … Read more


Inferno is the second most commonly seen competitive CS:GO map. The abundance of corridors and choke points makes for a very utility-heavy experience. Most of Inferno’s playable area is towards the A side of the map, but that doesn’t stop B from being the most contested location. B site is home to Banana, the single … Read more