FAQ for Cheats & Hacks

Is It Possible to Hack Free Fire? Yes, there are already many players who are using Free Fire hacks to increase their stats ratio in the game. There are many hacks that the hackers may use like Wallhack, Speed hack, Aimbot, Auto-Headshot, One-Bullet Kill, etc. Which is The Best Free Fire Hack? Some of the … Read more

Diamond Hack

Well most of the players like us want just one hack if it would be possible in the game and that is the Diamond hack. Generating tons of diamonds for free without spending a single penny, wo’oh I wish it would be possible but the truth is free fire diamond is not possible to hack … Read more

Gloo Wall Hack

The Gloo Wallhack can be used to create an unlimited gloo wall by the hackers to take cover if many opponents are shooting at him/her. The hacker could also create a whole wall cover from all sides using this hack. It is one of the most demanded hacks in Free Fire and most of the … Read more

Unlimited Ammo Hack

The free fire unlimited ammo hack will help you to immune your guns towards reloading. You will be able to fire unlimited amounts of bullets towards your opponents unless he or she is knocked down. But for using this hack, you must be able to control the recoil of the game or at least lock … Read more

Speed Hack

You might have understood about this hack through its name itself. Speed hack allows the hackers to speed up the movements of his/her player in the game. It becomes very difficult for normal players to knock down a hacker using a Speed hack. However, the chances of getting banned and notice are too much for … Read more

Color Hack

The color hack can help to change the color of your avatar in the game. This can help the hacker to spot the enemies more clearly. There are different color options available in this hack but most hackers use Neon color as the opponents can easily be spotted from far distances.

ESP (Radar Hack)

In this hack, a hacker can easily know the locations of other players in the lobby that gives an extra edge for him/her to easily knock their opponent players. Not just the player’s location, hackers can also know the different attachments, weapons, vehicles, etc locations spawn in the game round. However, the ESP hack gets … Read more

Magic Bullet Auto Headshot Hack

One of the most demanded hacks in Free Fire is the Auto-Headshot hack. As headshot deals a lot of damage to the enemies, people drill a lot just to perfect their headshot aim but some people just use this auto-headshot hack to knock down their enemies with a headshot. However, this hack can be easily … Read more

Wall Hack

Have you ever noticed that enemies’ bullets get hit to you even if you were hiding behind the obstacles like walls, trees, stones, etc? Well, you guess it right now, using wallhack, hackers can hit any opponents in front of them even if the opposite player is hiding behind any obstacles. As this wallhack can … Read more

Aimbot Hack

As the name itself clarifies that using this free fire aimbot hack, you will be able to hit most of your shots towards the target. The aimbot hack just locks the target for you and you will just have to press the fire button. The bullets will get automatically hit the enemies at any angle. … Read more