Steam Achievements

Achievement Obtain a Sentinel. A Watchful Eye Solve a Cipher. Agent Revive an ally. All for One Get 100 kills in a single mission. Angel of Death Find 20 Mods. Behold the Possibilities Reach Rank 10 with any five Longsword or Dual Short Blades weapons. Blade Mastery I Reach Rank 20 with any five Longsword … Read more

Corpus vs. Infested Easter Egg Demo

By logging in as username “corpus.outbreak”, no password, the game will run a stress-test demonstration, in this case an endless gauntlet between the Corpus and the Infested factions, on a basic-textured arena. It’s mostly useful for, as the name implies, testing how much a PC’s processing and graphics can handle at once. If technical information … Read more


Grants access to the Wyrmius, a side-scrolling bullet-hell minigame. Accessed by entering “Wyrmius” as your log in email from the login screen. Alternatively, go to your customization settings for your Wyrm or Wyrm Prime Sentinel and select loadout W.

Happy Zephyr

Allows access to a minigame emulating the gameplay of Flappy Bird. To access, enter “Flappy” as your login email on the login screen. Alternatively, go into your customization settings for your Zephyr Warframe and select the Z loadout.

Getting Kubrow Eggs

Use the following strategy to improve the chance of getting a Kubrow Egg. Play either the “E Prime” or “Eurasia” (recommended) extermination missions. You should find around six Kubrow dens in the missions. Equip the Thief’s Wit or Loot Detector mods since Kubrow Eggs appear as resources on the mini-map after being dropped by a … Read more

Easy “Counter Intelligence” achievement

Use the “Cipher” item (different from the puzzle you are solving) to complete the grid instantly. Purchase the blueprint of the Cipher item for 500 credits in the market. It can be crafted with 400 Ferrite, 400 Salvage, and 100 credits with a one minute build time. Select the button for the instant use of … Read more

Easy Leveling

When you play, your character and any equipped gear gain experience points as enemies are killed, whether you do the actual killing or not. You can play in groups to increase the number of enemies that are killed and to level up your equipment more rapidly. Note that the specific equipment level appears to be … Read more