Stock up on EP

EP is a handy resource in Garena Free Fire. When you start the match, you begin with no EP. As you play the game, you can gather EP from sources all around the map. EP is vital as it can be converted to HP every second after sustaining plenty of damage. This will return your … Read more

Search for higher ground

In battle royale games, the better option is to go for higher ground. Any elevation will give you an advantage and increase your field of view. This will make it easier for you to spot enemies and pick them off without them even realising what’s happening. Ensure that you’ve got enough cover, though. Being exposed … Read more

The High Ground Is The Best Ground

Regardless if players are getting into the match with a passive or aggressive playstyle, getting to higher ground should always be a priority if they plan on staying in an area longer than usual. In the urban landscapes of Free Fire, players have access to bunkers and even tall buildings to stay safe from opponents. … Read more

Loot Is Irrelevant In The Early Game

When players land for the first time in a match, they’re likely going to scour the environment for their favorite weapon combination to dominate the early game. This is a wrong mentality, as trying to find a specific weapon type in a huge game world is likely to land players in trouble. Instead, players should … Read more

Red Means Shoot

When players aim at an enemy, their crosshairs will turn red for a quick moment. This isn’t a feature other battle royales offer, and this is something that players should take full advantage of this interesting mechanic. At its core, the red crosshair indicates that a player is pointing at an enemy that is in … Read more

Switch Locations All The Time

While it’s perfectly safe to camp out until the battle ends in a battle royale, it’s much better to keep on switching locations to avoid unnecessary conflicts in the game. Thankfully, all areas in Free Fire have a selection of houses, buildings, and structures that can generally serve as safe zones for players who want … Read more

Familiarize With Characters And Their Skills

Players who start a Free Fire match can choose a character to use before entering battle, carrying with them that character’s base appearance and skillset. It’s important for players to pay attention to their chosen character’s ability as this can change the way they can approach the match. For instance, Kelly is the game’s speedster … Read more

Get Passive To Survive The Longest

Perhaps the most practical playstyle in Free Fire lies in its origins: it plays like most battle royales. As such, a great tip to survive most first matches in the game is to play it passively instead of aggressively. Unless players want to train using particular weapons or combat mechanics, camping and waiting for player … Read more

Change Controls For Convenience

In Free Fire, players actually have a means of changing the way things are laid out on the screen, allowing them to place buttons precisely where they want to be for the sake of convenience. This can become extremely handy for players who want to take their battle royale experience more seriously, as an optimized … Read more

Do Not Stand Still

Surprisingly, you will notice most of your opponents stay still during combat. This is because they are playing Free Fire from their mobile device and it is impossible to move and shoot at the same time on these devices. Well, you don’t have that disadvantage: You are using BlueStacks, which allows you to play Free … Read more