Looting for big hauls

Regardless of how tempting looting is, you should never loot when you’re exposed. You’re left vulnerable to your enemies when looting, especially when it’s an open area. Some opponents even wait for players to come to an open ground to loot and then kill them. Instead of falling prey to the tactics, ensure that you’ve … Read more

Don’t get into firefights for the sake of it

If you’re more of an aggressive player, it can be tempting to jump into firefights and seek out enemies. While this can be good for your ratios, it isn’t the ideal way to win a battle royale match. You should always pick and choose your fights wisely. If you’re playing solo and see that there … Read more

Sniping improves your aim

Another way to get better in Free Fire is to learn to snipe. A sniper is required to take down opponents from a distance without getting into any up-close encounters where the risk of losing a teammate is high. A one-shot-one-kill gun is difficult to handle, and requires a lot of practice to master. You … Read more

Take fights in shrink zone

80% of Free Fire players get nervous when the shrink zone is near, even if it’s the starting one, and immediately disengage from a fight midway. We suggest you to take fights when you have the advantage, or else retreat at once. Give priority to the zones only in the end circles, which inflict a … Read more

Never unnecessarily jump-shoot

A lot of Free Fire players often overuse Jump-shoot. To be able to come out on top while using jump-shoot, your jump needs to be well calculated. It is important to note that this fancy move can mess up you aim entirely. Therefore, before using this in ranked mode, go to custom rooms, and practice … Read more

Settings and Sensitivity

The reaction time in Free Fire is entirely dependent on the sensitivity settings. It is, therefore, essential to figure out which sensitivity settings suit your playstyle. Copying someone else’s settings can land you in big trouble. Adjust your sensitivity settings according to your device. On low-end devices with 2 GB of RAM, keep the sensitivity … Read more

Best Aim Precision

If your aim is weak, using the default aim precision, with or without the scope, is recommended. In turn, you will land more headshots, and the crosshair will automatically move towards your target. The steps of an auto headshot are: crouch, scope, zoom in, crouch and fire. This feature is somewhat similar to the aim-assist … Read more

Claw Control

Popular video platform, YouTube, has several videos recommending players to shift to claw controls. However, it is best to use the thumb layout while playing Free Fire, since the game doesn’t have any complicated in-game mechanisms. You can quickly adapt yourself to the controls in Free Fire, unlike PUBG Mobile.

Never loot in the open

Every Free Fire player needs to be wary of looting in the open. It is effortless for enemies to catch you off guard while you’re busy looting crates. Therefore, to avoid being an easy target, move the analogue sideways continuously while looting. By using this strategy, it will be impossible for your enemies to aim … Read more

Engage In The Shrink Zone

As with other battle royales with danger zones, Free Fire has a shrinking zone that damages opponents the longer they stay there. Of course, it’s natural for players to prioritize getting out of the shrink zone first and head to safety instead of engaging other opponents they see there. Interestingly, players might want to use … Read more