Free Fire Diamonds Guide

Diamonds Guide

Free Fire Diamond – Diamond is an essential means of exchange in the game Free Fire. Players use diamonds to purchase many essential kinds of stuff, weapons, and supplies to equip their character and increase their skill, strength, and chance of survival.

To earn diamonds, you have to win the games to get rewards, buy diamonds in the shop, or hack to get more coins and diamonds.

Garena offers tons of interesting and fancy content in Free Fire. The wide range of skins of weapons, dresses, characters, bundles, and everything else in Free Fire can be purchased using in-game currency named Diamonds.

Free Fire has the diamond currency system where it can be bought with money and later can be exchanged to procure items.

The players who can afford to buy the diamonds have the luxury to purchase hefty items but for those who do not like to spend money but still want to get some skins and other items, it is very hard to do so.

Free Fire offers some freebies through their events but getting exclusive items is very hard through this method.

If you want to get some diamonds but do not want to spend money on them, here are some methods through which you can earn a few diamonds for free.

Uses of Free Fire Diamonds

Diamond is one of two principal means of exchange (diamond and coin) in Free Fire that lets you buy pieces of stuff and upgrade your character. It allows you to purchase weapons, fashion, bundles, loot crates, load out, etc. You can also buy a VIP membership, which gives huge interest and more significant rewards than normal members. Moreover, you can unlock more characters or skills by using diamonds. Therefore, a Free Fire free diamond source is very essential and useful in this game. 

Weapons, outfits, and other equipment you buy by diamond can increase your strength. Once you get a powerful weapon, you can easily kill enemies. A high-level set of helmets and armor helps you increase the chance of survival in the battle. Currently, using the Free Fire diamond hack app is pretty popular among players

How to get free Diamonds in Free Fire?

  • Giveaways
  • Opinion Rewards
  • GPT Apps


The first method to get some diamonds is by participating in giveaways. Some of the known content creators hold giveaways on a regular basis and by participating in one of them, you can have a chance to earn diamonds.

This method is not a sure-shot working trick but is one of the legitimate and simple ways through which you can earn diamonds.


The most trusted way to actually earn some free diamonds is by filling the surveys on Opinion Rewards. What this app basically does is allots various surveys to the users on several occasions and pays you when you fill them.

The surveys available depend upon many variables and hence earning money from this method may take some time.

The money that is earned through a survey can be used to recharge in-game. So when you have enough money to buy some diamonds, go ahead and purchase them with the money you have collected by filling out surveys.

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