Despite being queue-able in CS:GO’s competitive matchmaking, Office is the biggest Valve-made meme map in the game. Still, there are players who do queue for, and even only play Office in matchmaking. The term “Office Elite” refers to players who reach high rank just by playing this map.

CT’s spawn outside and have to infiltrate a complicated Office building. With tons of narrow corridors and sharp turns, clearing through to the back of the building can be tricky. The name of the game is aim duels and trading, since it can be difficult to make offensive utility valuable.

Once the CT’s make their way past the initial maze of hallways, they’ll need to retrieve a hostage either in T Spawn or in the Projector Room. Getting the hostage out is just as difficult since Office is absolutely massive and can have T’s hiding in any number of positions.

There are simply not enough CT’s to push through and clear every room and corridor on their way in, so T’s will often try and flank behind if they notice an area is open. Setting up an ambush in the abundance of angles CT’s need to check to get back to their Spawn safely is the best way to take down the last of their opposition in a round.

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