Agency is another map that takes place at the top of a skyscraper, but this time you’ll be going inside to rescue hostages. The Hostage gamemode is different from normal CS:GO, where now the CT’s have to attack an area the T’s are defending in order to pick up a hostage and bring them back to CT Spawn.

The CT’s have the option of crossing through a corridor on the right side, or move towards the Main Cafeteria side through either low ground or the upper Office. T’s will have the option to aggressively peek on high ground angles everywhere, making it very difficult for the CT’s to get through.

Once they do get into the T side of the map, CT’s will need to rescue one of two hostages in the Storage or the Conference Room. Defenders could still be hiding behind any number of corners or desks, so be cautious when approaching the hostage rooms. A Rescue Kit, rather than a Defuse Kit, makes the picking up animation much shorter.

Now with a hostage over shoulder, CT’s are tasked with escaping back outside. The fastest way to do so is through the Window Hallway on the offensive right side. If they took the Meeting Room hostage, that path is more difficult. Going through the Cafeteria is riskier, but can also be better for clearing angles in Spawn.

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