Cache is a favorite map of PUG players and DM capable teams. There are few CS GO maps more tactically straightforward than Cache. With a limited number of ways to push into and defend both bomb sites, Cache is a big test of quickness and mechanics.

The A site has two entrances, Main and Squeaky. CT’s can be posted on any number of angles both horizontally and vertically. Attackers must clear quickly and efficiently to avoid being multi-killed. Positions like NBK and Quad are Molotov-able, while the main cross through Car and Newbox has an easy smoke bounce. CT’s can opt to play inside the site, or play for retake through Car and Highway.

Cache B is another two-entrance site, this time consisting of the rushable B Main and the direct Vent route from Mid. T’s can throw utility through the Sun Room windows in order to help clear the countless boxes on site. Defenders can choose to play aggressive on B Main, or passive back towards Headshot, Tree, or Heaven. CT’s can also boost a player up the Vent for a fast flank to Mid.

Speaking of Mid, Cache Mid is interesting because both teams have the option to quickly play aggressive through multiple angles. CT’s can smoke Garage off then push up close to the doorway. They can also peek from Window or White Box with an AWP to try and find a pick. The T’s have Boost to work with, allowing one or more players to take high ground. By winning a single aim duel, the T’s can lay claim to the central point of the map and choose to split either bomb site.

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