Before it was removed from the active duty lineup, Train was the most CT sided map in competitive Counter-Strike. With tons of open space, narrow corridors, and brutal sightlines, Train can be a very difficult map to get the hang of.

On their rollout, T’s have the option of going straight to A main, or running down one of two extremely long corridors. One leads to Ivy and a backdoor to the A site. One leads to the only entrances to the B site, with a potential detour to Ladder. With the right spawns, CT’s can contest both of these passageways by the time the T’s get there, so be careful.

The A site has many potential positions that CT’s can play in. Most of the time, we see one in Ladder (Popdog) or at Ebox, one holding Ivy, and one floating to wherever there’s pressure. They can also play aggressively on A Main with the help of a teammate’s utility. For T’s to break into A, they pretty much need to either win a duel at Ivy or Ladder, or go for a full smoke execute and trade kills.

Train B has some of the smallest T walkouts in CS:GO. Attackers have the option of a small doorway on the ground or a small doorway on height. While they can throw Grenades through windows in B Halls, they still have a hard job in getting through CT utility and players positioned on a number of potential angles. The silver lining is that if the T’s can push forward to CT Spawn entrances once they plant, they have a pretty solid retake defense setup.

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