Dust2 is [everyone’s] favorite long sightline, aim heavy map. Compared to other CS:GO maps, Dust2 is much more basic in terms of setups and strategies used. Most of the time, rounds are determined by a single grouped play with standard utility usage and an emphasis on winning aim duels/trading kills.

A site provides the most intricate experience on Dust2. The site itself lies in the middle of two huge sightlines, one from Long and one from Catwalk. Getting isolated on the site is a death sentence, so CT’s often opt to play for aggressive control of one of the two entryways. The left-side spawners can opt to either rush to Double Doors with Grenades and contest the Long walk out, or boost a player onto Catwalk early.

On the other side of Dust2 is the birthplace of “rush B my friends do not stop.” The Dust2 B site is one of the most rushed points in CS:GO, to mixed results. Oftentimes, one or two CT’s can hold off an entire team if they dodge the flashbangs. However, if the T’s do manage to trade kills evenly and take the site, they are treated to the easiest retake defense in the game.

Capping off Dust2’s iconic locations is Mid. Famous for the instant AWP peek from both teams, a recently lowered roof over Suicide makes for a more nuanced sniper battle than before. Once the T’s throw either an Xbox smoke or a Hinge smoke, they are free to move about the sightline and between Catwalk and Tunnels. Since attackers need to be fully grouped for their attacks on this map, Mid control is crucial to transition from defaults.

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