The original multilayered CS:GO map is Nuke. Taking place in a nuclear power plant, the T’s need to infiltrate one of two rooms containing nuclear silos. Much of the map takes place indoors, but there is a very potent wide open outdoors space that needs to be controlled, or else flanks can come through at all angles.

A is the preferred rush site on Nuke. The narrow entrances of Hut and Squeaky door are the fastest ways for T’s to get a plant down. The most important part of taking this site is trading kills on the defenders standing above. The T’s can also take a slower approach to an A hit. Utility can be lined up to hit Heaven, Rafters, and even the top of Hut from outside on T Roof. This execute is effective at reducing the chances of CT’s finding multi-kills.

Nuke B is much more nuanced, as there are three very split entrances to the site. The Ramp room contains the fastest way to a plant on B, as well as providing a flank into Heaven. Vent is dangerous and often just used for CT’s to make isolated rotations. Finally, Secret is the most common point of attack for T’s to get to the lower site. Once there, attackers can split between Double Doors, Decon, or Control Room in order to flush out any remaining CT’s.

Outside is what separates Nuke from all other CS:GO maps. T’s can set up a wall of Smokes from their spawn to provide a safe cross all the way through Outside to Secret or Garage. Conversely, the CT’s can throw their own forward utility and even cut off T Smokes with Incendiaries to put pressure on Outside. There are tons of possibilities for Outside plays, such as T’s throwing the Smoke wall for a single lurker, or CT’s using Smokes to play close on T Red. Sometimes seven players will walk Outside in a round, sometimes only one will.

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