Inferno is the second most commonly seen competitive CS:GO map. The abundance of corridors and choke points makes for a very utility-heavy experience. Most of Inferno’s playable area is towards the A side of the map, but that doesn’t stop B from being the most contested location.

B site is home to Banana, the single most heavily Grenaded area in Counter-Strike. Here, both teams wage a war of utility to try and gain control of the narrow corridor. If the CT’s have control, the T’s are cut off from one of the two bomb sites entirely. If the T’s hold Banana, the CT’s have to sit back on site, awaiting a push with slow reinforcement rotations.

The B site itself is very defender-sided. There are multiple good cover locations on it that all need to be cleared before planting the bomb. Luckily for the T’s, any angles from outside of the site itself can be smoked off. And once they do manage to clear it out, that defender’s advantage turns in their favor.

While the B site only has one entrance for T’s, Inferno A has three. Mid opens up into two wrapping routes onto the A site, one from Long and one from Short. The Apartments area also opens up to Short and has a drop down into Pit, the most important spot for holding A. There are many ways for T’s to push Inferno A, and just as many ways for the defense to be set up.

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