Overpass takes place in a German urban setting and is one of the biggest maps in the active duty lineup. CT’s start on top of the A site and can quickly rotate through spawn to the lower B site. There are many potential areas of contention on Overpass, as the map is too large to keep every area locked down.

The A side of the map contains long approach routes in the form of Bathrooms and Long. CT’s can use their favorable spawns to push forward early, or choose to sit back and hold the site entrance points. The T’s need to clear up through these corridors to have a chance at planting on A. They can also choose to rotate through Connector, the crucial mid-point of Overpass.

B site is much more prone to rushes due to the T’s closer spawn proximity. Utility can be thrown over the Monster tunnel and Water for some very powerful site hits. Heaven provides a long AWPing angle that must either be Smoked or Flashed then held. Once the T’s take the site, the retake can come from both the CT and T entrances to B.

Connector is the key to playing on Overpass. It’s the fastest way to get from the middle of the map to either bomb site. Both teams can opt to play for Connector control early, but doing so will make you weaker in other points of the map. In order to take space towards either A or B side, teams must potentially give away Connector control. This allows for T’s to quick rotate from site to site in the mid round, but also provides the CT’s an advantage in retakes since they can flank from behind.

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