Foundations Objectives

Replacing Manager Tasks and Starter Objectives, the FIFA 22 Foundations Objectives were created to help the new FUT players to learn how this game mode works. With organized learning objectives grouped together by subjects such as trading, team building and chemistry, these objectives are always available since the first day.

Weekly Objectives

Complete the objectives in-game or in the web & companion app to earn new rewards. From squad management goals to dynamic in-match challenges, the harder the challenge, the better the reward you’ll receive. Complete all the rewards from a single group to earn an extra reward and unlock the advanced group. If you don’t claim … Read more

Team Events

In FIFA 22 Team Events, you can collaborate and compete by completing objectives in-game to unlock rewards as a community. All you have to do is to choose to support one of up to five teams, each with their own set of objectives and rewards. Competitions are balanced based on which Team’s members are contributing … Read more

Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

What are SBCs? FIFA 22 SBC is a single-player game mode within FUT. Playing it, the players have new opportunities to get creative, submitting squad building challenges and earning decent rewards. Since when do SBCs exist? Squad Building Challenges were released for the first time ever in FIFA 17. Since then they become very popular. … Read more

Squad Battles

What is Squad Battles? FIFA 22 Squad Battles is a single player game mode where you take on other squads from the FUT community, to earn rewards and move up the leaderboards.   Rewards FAQ Should I play FUT Champions or Squad Battles? FUT Champs has much better rewards but Squad Battles is also a … Read more


Throughout the year EA organizes different events in FIFA Ultimate Team. These range from FUT Birthday, St. Patricks Day to Halloween, Team of the Year events and others. These events usually result in new player cards, the pack offers or SBC’s, which strongly influence the market. Some events like the Team of the Year or … Read more

Opening Packs

In FIFA 22 there are different ways to get packs. These can be earned through different game modes (Squad Battles, Weekend League, etc.), earned through Squad Building Challenges or simply bought. Basically, the probability of pulling an outstanding player from packs is extremely low. The Youtuber ChrisMD has made an attempt in this regard and … Read more


When a new Fifa version, all FIFA Ultimate Team players can’t wait to send their new build teams out onto the field and play with them. Especially in the beginning, however, almost no one can afford to buy strong alternate players so that his regular team can recover. As a result, a lot of contracts, … Read more

Coin Boost, Starting Team, Trading

At the beginning of every new FIFA, the goal of every trader must be to earn coins as quickly as possible. Since in each transfer market of a new Fifa part still very few Coins are in circulation, all Coins earned by you are particularly worth much! Below are three tips on how to start … Read more

The Maintenance Trick

As in any online game, EA has to maintain its servers from time to time to fix any errors that occur. In order to minimize inconvenience for players, EA announces these maintenance tasks with a certain lead time. You can use this maintenance work to bid on a lot of players in advance with a … Read more