How to Mine

Steps to Mine with a Pickaxe In Minecraft, you can add items such as diamonds to your inventory by mining diamond ore. So, let’s get started! 1. Hold the Pickaxe First, you need to find a block of diamond ore to dig up. Next, you need to hold a diamond pickaxe or iron pickaxe in … Read more

How to Use a Torch

In Minecraft, you need torches to light your way when you are mining underground or if you want to keep mobs from spawning around you at night. Let’s explore how to use a torch. Required Materials In Minecraft, these are the materials to use a torch: 1 Torch How to Use Torch Quite often, you … Read more

Health, Food, and Experience

Status Bar In Minecraft, your status bar is very different between Survival Mode and Creative Mode. Let’s take a closer look. Status Bar in Survival Mode In Survival Mode, your status bar will display: Health bar filled with hearts. Food bar filled with drumsticks. Experience bar showing the current level. Hot bar with items that … Read more

What is a Game Tick?

Minecraft advances all gameplay based on a unit of time called a game tick. There are 20 game ticks in a second which means that 1 game tick occurs every 0.05 seconds in real life. 20 game ticks = 1 second When you are waiting for the time of day to change, fireworks rockets to … Read more

What is a Texture Pack?

In Minecraft, a texture pack determines what the texture of the blocks, items and mobs in your Minecraft world will look like. In the latest versions of Minecraft, texture packs are now called resource packs and can now contain custom sounds as well as custom textures. This is what your world would look like with … Read more

How to Open/Close a Wooden Door

In Minecraft, you can find wooden doors on villagers’ homes or you can add them to your own home. Let’s explore how to use a wooden door. How to Open a Wooden Door By now you have may run into villages in Minecraft. Inside of villagers homes, you can find chests with valuable items inside. … Read more

How to make a Shelter

In Minecraft, you need to build a shelter to keep you safe from mobs at night. Required Materials to make a Shelter There are a few items that you will need to have gathered before you can build a shelter. Pickaxe Since you are just starting the game and don’t have many resources, it is … Read more

What is a Skin?

In Minecraft, a skin is an image that determines what your character looks like in the game. TIP: Change your camera angle so that you can see what you look like right now in Minecraft. What are the Default Skins? When you start Minecraft for the first time, the game will automatically choose either Steve … Read more

Game Modes

Supported Game Modes Not all versions of Minecraft support every game mode. Here is a summary of the game modes that are supported by the different versions of Minecraft: Game Mode Platform(s) Creative Survival Adventure Spectator Hardcore Definitions Game Mode is the name of the game mode. Platform(s) is the platform that the game mode … Read more

How to make a Colored Sign

Required Materials to make a Colored Sign In Minecraft, these are the materials you can use to make a colored sign: How to make an Oak Sign How to make a Spruce Sign How to make a Birch Sign How to make an Acacia Sign How to make a Jungle Sign How to make a … Read more