How to Dye a Sign

Required Materials to dye a Sign in Java Edition In Minecraft Java Edition, these are the materials you can use to dye a sign: Sign First, you need to choose a sign: How to make an Oak Sign How to make a Spruce Sign How to make a Birch Sign How to make an Acacia … Read more

How to Use a Sign

In Minecraft, you can post signs with messages anywhere you want in the game. Signs are a great way to leave directions so that you don’t get lost in your world. Or, you can also use signs to leave fun messages for other players. Let’s explore how to use a sign. Required Materials In Minecraft, … Read more

Game Controls

Minecraft is available to play on almost every platform. The most common versions are: Java Edition (PC/Mac) Pocket Edition (PE) Xbox (Xbox 360 or Xbox One) PS (PS3 or PS4) Windows 10 Edition Education Edition Each of these versions of Minecraft has completely different game controls. PC Keyboard and Mouse Game Controls Game Action Control … Read more

Difficulty Modes

Difficulty There are 4 difficulty levels that you can play in Minecraft – Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Let’s quickly explain the differences between these modes. TIP: You can adjust the difficulty mode at any time by changing the Difficulty setting under the Options menu or executing the /difficulty command. Peaceful Mode Peaceful mode is … Read more