Getting started

Watch the awesome video opposite by @MattHDGamer showing what to do as he explains. Everyone starts off with a very average team. Returning players from previous FC 24 get free packs. There is a web app which starts week or so before the console release. On there you can see what your starter team is … Read more

Player contracts and fitness

The players have contracts so they can play games. Default is 7 but you can add contracts which you can buy in the trade area. Every time a player plays a game they go down by 1 contract. Fitness has been removed for FUT 24 but exists in previous versions. Pre FC 24 it is … Read more

Should you buy Points for Packs?

EA have created FUT in a way that encourages you to open more packs and get better players. This along with the professional scene exploding mean many players spend money to buy packs. Although better in game players will help you we don’t recommend spending money. Learn to play with lower rated players and even … Read more

Different Special Cards

Throughout the season EA release various new versions of the players apart from the Team of the Week In Forms. In FC 24 there will be around 30 different types of player. Team of the Year players and Team of the Season players usually have the most hype but EA have made others such as … Read more

Ultimate Team Card Types

Players in FC 24 Ultimate team are split into three categories. Bronze players rated 0-64, Silver players rated 65-74 and Gold players rated 75 to 99. These generally reflect their ability in real life and the price reflects their popularity within the game. You can create a team mixing any of them but some competitions … Read more

Will your club transfer from FUT 23 to FC 24?

No anything you did in FIFA 23 on Ultimate team stays on that version. So you can load older versions and your squads will be as you left them. EA don’t turn off the servers for previous versions so you can still play online. FUT Champions is only available on the latest version however. When … Read more

What is FUT?

So what is FC 24 Ultimate team that everyone becomes addicted to in FC 24? FC 24 Ultimate Team (commonly called FUT or sometimes UT) is a mode in FC 24. It enables you build teams using any players from all the leagues to play offline and online to win coins to buy better players … Read more