Tips & Tricks for Success


Patience is Key: Building your dream team won’t happen overnight. Play regularly, make smart decisions, and you’ll get there. Learn from Defeats: It’s okay to lose. Each loss is a chance to learn. Maybe change your tactics or strengthen weak areas in your team. Connect with the Community: Join online forums, watch YouTube tutorials, and … Read more

Participate in Events & Tournaments

FC 24 isn’t just about collecting; it’s about competing: Seasons: Start from the bottom and work your way up the divisions by playing and winning matches. Higher divisions give better rewards. Special Events: Every now and then, there are events with unique challenges and rewards. Keep an eye out for these; they’re a lot of … Read more

Building a Strong Team

A powerful team is not just about star ratings. It’s about strategy: Team Formation: Decide on a formation that matches your playing style. Do you like attacking? Maybe a 4-3-3. Prefer defense? Perhaps a 4-4-2. Player Positions: Make sure players are in their right positions. A striker up front, a defender at the back. Sounds … Read more

Earning Coins and Points

To improve your team, you need coins or points. Here’s how you can get them: Playing Matches: The simplest way! Every match you play, win or lose, gives you coins. Trading in the Transfer Market: Buy players at a lower price and sell them for more. It’s like a mini-stock market for players. Daily & … Read more

Quick Sell Recovery Guide

Quick Sell recovery feature is available now on FC 24 Companion app as well as on FUT Web app. This feature will allow you to recover your items that have been previously discarded by the Quick Sell option. How to Recover a Quick Sold Item in FUT Here is how you can do quick sell … Read more

Opening Packs

In FC 24 there are different ways to get packs. These can be earned through different game modes (Squad Battles, Weekend League, etc.), earned through Squad Building Challenges or simply bought. Basically, the probability of pulling an outstanding player from packs is extremely low. The Youtuber ChrisMD has made an attempt in this regard and … Read more


When a new FC 24 version, all FC 24 Ultimate Team players can’t wait to send their new build teams out onto the field and play with them. Especially in the beginning, however, almost no one can afford to buy strong alternate players so that his regular team can recover. As a result, a lot … Read more

Coin Boost, Starting Team, Trading

At the beginning of every new FC 24, the goal of every trader must be to earn coins as quickly as possible. Since in each transfer market of a new FC 24 part still very few Coins are in circulation, all Coins earned by you are particularly worth much! Below are three tips on how … Read more

Ones To Watch Cards

Since Fifa 17, so-called Ones to Watch (OTW) player cards have been available for purchase. These cards get an update every time the player has performed well in the past week and is thus accepted into the team of the week. However, these cards can be traded very well by traders by buying them whenever … Read more

Chemistry and morale

We always test all parts of each FC 24 game as everyone has differences. UT has a thing called chemistry and also player morale. Basically means how well people get on with each other and how happy they are. Or at least it should mean this. We have been looking at team chemistry and individual … Read more