Quick Sell Recovery Guide

Quick Sell recovery feature is available now on FIFA 22 Companion app as well as on FUT Web app. This feature will allow you to recover your items that have been previously discarded by the Quick Sell option. How to Recover a Quick Sold Item in FUT Here is how you can do quick sell … Read more

Opening Packs

In FIFA 22 there are different ways to get packs. These can be earned through different game modes (Squad Battles, Weekend League, etc.), earned through Squad Building Challenges or simply bought. Basically, the probability of pulling an outstanding player from packs is extremely low. The Youtuber ChrisMD has made an attempt in this regard and … Read more


When a new Fifa version, all FIFA Ultimate Team players can’t wait to send their new build teams out onto the field and play with them. Especially in the beginning, however, almost no one can afford to buy strong alternate players so that his regular team can recover. As a result, a lot of contracts, … Read more

Coin Boost, Starting Team, Trading

At the beginning of every new FIFA, the goal of every trader must be to earn coins as quickly as possible. Since in each transfer market of a new Fifa part still very few Coins are in circulation, all Coins earned by you are particularly worth much! Below are three tips on how to start … Read more

Ones To Watch Cards

Since Fifa 17, so-called Ones to Watch (OTW) player cards have been available for purchase. These cards get an update every time the player has performed well in the past week and is thus accepted into the team of the week. However, these cards can be traded very well by traders by buying them whenever … Read more

Chemistry and morale

We always test all parts of each FIFA game as everyone has differences. UT has a thing called chemistry and also player morale. Basically means how well people get on with each other and how happy they are. Or at least it should mean this. We have been looking at team chemistry and individual chemistry. … Read more

FUT Player Prices

FIFA player prices in FUT are affected by a number of factors. Supply and demand is obvious, the best players in the game have the highest price. However various things can change the prices of players. Performances in real life affect their demand. Also how good they are in FIFA, such as Ben Yedder who … Read more

How to trade in FUT 22

The best way to casually make lots of coins is to create a team and sell the players each day buying them back cheaper. The safe way to do this is to buy the replacement cheaper than you are going to sell. Obviously you have to be careful and aware of current SBCs. If players … Read more

When to buy and sell players

Buy players early Monday after FUT Champions has finished or Wednesday when their price will generally be lower. Then sell Friday or Saturday when people play FUT Champions Weekend. Real life games can affect prices. If Aguero scores a hat-trick in a game his price goes up. So you can almost trade within games. Be … Read more

FUT Tax Calculator

We decided to create this as a quick reference as a FIFA Ultimate team tax guide. As you should know when you sell a player in Ultimate Team (FUT) a 5% tax is removed so you only receive 95% of the value. Below we have created a quick reference chart with lots of common prices … Read more