When a new FC 24 version, all FC 24 Ultimate Team players can’t wait to send their new build teams out onto the field and play with them.

Especially in the beginning, however, almost no one can afford to buy strong alternate players so that his regular team can recover. As a result, a lot of contracts, but above all fitness and team fitness cards are needed on the market, which in some cases increases the price of these cards considerably.

Traders can take advantage of this annual behavior by buying many fitness and team fitness cards via Web App before the new FC 24 is released. These are still very cheap before the game starts, because there is almost no demand. However, as soon as the game is playable, the demand rises strongly and the cards can be sold at a profit.

This is a very good method to get many coins at the beginning. But please note that this method does not work after the game has been sold.

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