Coin Boost, Starting Team, Trading

At the beginning of every new FC 24, the goal of every trader must be to earn coins as quickly as possible. Since in each transfer market of a new FC 24 part still very few Coins are in circulation, all Coins earned by you are particularly worth much! Below are three tips on how to start earning coins.

The first tip is: Buy as many Coin Boosts from the EA-Sports catalog as possible. These boosts allow you to get additional coins for a limited time. The higher your EA level is, the more Coin Boosts you can buy. Especially when you play games with your new team, these boosts are very profitable.

Also the order of the bought boosts is important! The boosts are redeemed in the same order in which you bought them. Therefore it is recommended that you buy the more expensive coin boosts first to get the best boosts first.

The second tip is a bit more difficult to implement: Build a low-budget, but at the same time powerful team with full chemistry (100%!) together. In previous FC 24 versions, for example, there were players like Gabriel Jesus, Martial or Bakayoko, who didn’t have the best rating (and therefore weren’t expensive), but they are very good to play. With such players you should put together a team as soon as possible to play squad battles or online games with them and get coins.

It would be best if you sell all objects and players that don’t fit to your team right at the beginning and invest the coins in players with your preferred league. Players with a lot of speed are preferable especially in the offensive. Since the weaker players are usually not very expensive, they lose little in value over a longer period of time, which saves you coins.

The third and last tip deals with trading at the start of a new part. As the market is very volatile, especially in the beginning of the new FC 24 part, and the prices of players have not yet settled down to a level, you can sell highly valued players partly at very high prices. For this reason, the method of Selling players overpriced can be used especially well during this time. You should make sure that you buy players with a rating of 80 or higher cheaply and offer them on the transfer market expensively as often as possible with a corresponding surcharge. To trade particularly efficiently, your transfer market should always be full of players for sale!

If you strictly follow these three trading methods, nothing stands in the way of your optimal start in FC 24 22!

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