Shooting and gameplay tips

PUBG is all about surviving. One game lasts almost 30 minutes or a little more. The aim is to survive and the last man standing wins the game. Shooting, being the essential part of this game, is the most technical as well. Here are our tips on shooting better. As much as killing is the … Read more

Use supply drops to take out other players

This is an easy element to miss for newer players of PUBG. Every time you hear the cargo plane fly over the island, it’s dropping a supply crate full of some of the game’s best gear. The crate parachutes down and then emits some red smoke to make it easier to find. If you can … Read more

Don’t shoot unless you’re confident you’ll get a kill

This is probably the most essential thing you can learn while playing PUBG. Opening fire on a defenseless, oblivious target is always tempting. You’ll spend so much time in PUBG not seeing other people that the chance to finally smoke somebody and steal their gear is hard to ignore. Fight that urge, though — the … Read more

Red Zones aren’t a death sentence

The red circles on your map indicate areas that are about to get firebombed. They’re very dangerous, forcing you to move quickly out of the way if you don’t want to blow up. That said, it’s more than possible to just run through a red zone and even survive (although the likelihood of getting a … Read more

The right weapon for the job

Knowing what the best PUBG weapons are can be crucial. You might be tempted to use the high DPS weapons like assault rifles, SMGs, etc. but unless you’re able to effectively handle the recoil your shots will be wasted, and then you’ll be dead. That said, assault rifles specifically are something to watch out for. … Read more

Never stop moving

Even jiggling back and forth, leaning, or running circles can save your life in PUBG by never allowing the enemy an easy shot. This is especially important when aiming in a gun battle: you never want to make yourself an easy target. Moonlighting as a parkour superstar also couldn’t hurt – the game is a … Read more

Use vehicles carefully

If a player knows where you are in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds they have a great chance of killing you. Driving around in a noisy, bulky jeep or sedan alerts everyone in the area to your presence, making it tough to then go back into hiding. If you are going to use a car, do so to … Read more

Wear a helmet

This is an easy one – headshots are fatal without a helmet, so go find one. A level one will do, but honestly, always keep an eye out for the best helmet possible, even if it’s a bit damaged. While you’re there, get a good vest as well. High level is good, but when it … Read more

Patience is key

This is not a game for itchy trigger fingers or renegades – just because you can see an enemy, it does not necessarily mean you should shoot them. It is not just that you might miss or get killed by them, it is that you do not know who else is watching or going for … Read more

Stay hidden, stay safe

When it comes to using the terrain to your advantage, there are a few options available to you. Provided you’re not wearing fluorescent clothing, sticking yourself in a bush can be a surprisingly effective way of going unseen, provided you don’t move too much. Similarly, you can try hiding in grass as well but note … Read more