Shooting and gameplay tips

PUBG is all about surviving. One game lasts almost 30 minutes or a little more. The aim is to survive and the last man standing wins the game. Shooting, being the essential part of this game, is the most technical as well. Here are our tips on shooting better.

As much as killing is the part of the game, sometimes running away does a much job at surviving. Don’t rush into a battle and play smart. To sum it up you can say that only fight the battle you are sure to win.

Wait for the perfect moment to shoot. Do go all in. Even if you have a sniper, a sure shot will bring you a kill.

Use Gyroscope to aim better. Since PUBG supports gyroscope aiming, it can be really helpful, and you won’t have to touch your phone’s screen or drag across it to aim your enemy.

Consistently use the eye button to look around. This is especially helpful when you are hiding in the corner. You can spot others without them spotting you.

Using headphone is one of the most useful tips that you can get today. You’ll thank me later. With good quality headphones, you can even hear your enemy’s footsteps approaching.

While automatic weapon may sound good to burst out but its the recoil that can kill you, running out of the ammo in a single burst can lead to your death. Besides, auto weapons are also not so accurate and give away your position too.

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