Use supply drops to take out other players

This is an easy element to miss for newer players of PUBG. Every time you hear the cargo plane fly over the island, it’s dropping a supply crate full of some of the game’s best gear. The crate parachutes down and then emits some red smoke to make it easier to find. If you can locate the crate, you can find things like the tommy gun, medkits, suppressors, and the ghillie suit, among other handy randomized items.

The thing is, the crates are going to attract lots of players every time one falls. Poorly equipped players are likely to walk into a deathtrap, while well-equipped players might find themselves in position to rack up a few kills with ease. The supply crates are tough places to play in general, but seeking them out and seeing how players handle them is good for potential learning experiences. You’ll see how some players stake out the crate, what kind of fights can pop up there, and what you might do to try to take down the best loot in the game.

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