Don’t shoot unless you’re confident you’ll get a kill

This is probably the most essential thing you can learn while playing PUBG. Opening fire on a defenseless, oblivious target is always tempting. You’ll spend so much time in PUBG not seeing other people that the chance to finally smoke somebody and steal their gear is hard to ignore.

Fight that urge, though — the key to survival is discretion, even if you’re playing aggressively.

If you’re about to engage someone, particularly someone who hasn’t seen you, consider all the factors at play. What’s your distance? Are you hidden? Do you have cover? Do you suspect anyone else is around? Firing your gun is an explosively loud “Come kill me!” broadcast. And that’s to say nothing of the poor sap you mean to gun down.

In PUBG, guns are deadly, and an injured enemy is still extremely dangerous. You only want to fire on someone if you’re confident you’ll take them down. If they slink away or grab cover, they become stealthy death traps. If they get a bead on you, and you lose them, you’ll suddenly have to worry about slipping away yourself, without making so much noise that they’re able to take you out.

Save your strength for advantageous situations, such as ambushes in tight interiors — preferably as enemies come through doors — or long-range snipes from hidden positions. If you’re going to pull the trigger, make sure the attempt is going to be worth it.

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