The Pan is (still) the best melee weapon

Not only is the pan the most damaging melee weapon in the game, it is also bulletproof. If you have one in your inventory then it will hang over the posterior of your character model, providing your arse with full protection from incoming enemy fire.

Supply drops hold the best guns and armour

If you keep wondering where other players are getting their LMGs and sniper rifles then you have been shying away from those supply drops that are parachuted in by plane every few minutes. Each supply drop contains a medley of high-level gear, so if you want the very best items then you will need to … Read more

Pay attention to zeroing distances

Scopes in PUBG all have a zeroing distance that is displayed when aiming down sights. If the given distance is 100 metres then that means your bullet will land exactly where you click up to that distance. If your target is roughly 200 metres away then you will have to aim a bit higher – … Read more

Scopes are the best attatchments

Even the game’s best sniper rifle is only as good as the scope that’s fitted to it, and if you are relying on iron sights then you have already lost. Provided you can get your hands on a 4x or 8x scope you will be able to hold down any building in the game. You … Read more