Shooting and gameplay tips

PUBG is all about surviving. One game lasts almost 30 minutes or a little more. The aim is to survive and the last man standing wins the game. Shooting, being the essential part of this game, is the most technical as well. Here are our tips on shooting better. As much as killing is the … Read more

Use supply drops to take out other players

This is an easy element to miss for newer players of PUBG. Every time you hear the cargo plane fly over the island, it’s dropping a supply crate full of some of the game’s best gear. The crate parachutes down and then emits some red smoke to make it easier to find. If you can … Read more

Don’t shoot unless you’re confident you’ll get a kill

This is probably the most essential thing you can learn while playing PUBG. Opening fire on a defenseless, oblivious target is always tempting. You’ll spend so much time in PUBG not seeing other people that the chance to finally smoke somebody and steal their gear is hard to ignore. Fight that urge, though — the … Read more

Build your guns before you find them

Gathering weapons is important to defend yourself, but in each PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields game, you want know what you’re going after. Whether you want the tried-and-true assault rifle and sniper combo, or you’re more comfortable with shotguns and SMGs, you’re likely to find a lot of the gear you need for your guns before you find … Read more

Always look out for scopes and suppressors

Most players go with assault rifles like the AKM and the M16A as their primary weapons, with sniper rifles in tow for taking out players without exposing themselves to danger. In either case, and with most of the other guns in the game, you’re going to need scopes. The iron sights on most guns are … Read more

Open doors carefully

You don’t have to stand directly in front of a door to open it — stand to the side instead. This is just good practice. There’s no reason to stand in a doorway when you can just inch over to the side. Even houses you’re confident no one occupies might have a sneaky person inside … Read more

Use two-story buildings to outsmart other players

Falls can kill you, but most won’t. In fact, you can leap from the second story of a building and take zero damage, which is important information to have when making a getaway or trying to outsmart a player while fighting in an interior. (We’ve actually fallen off four-story buildings and survived, albeit with half … Read more

Red Zones aren’t a death sentence

The red circles on your map indicate areas that are about to get firebombed. They’re very dangerous, forcing you to move quickly out of the way if you don’t want to blow up. That said, it’s more than possible to just run through a red zone and even survive (although the likelihood of getting a … Read more

Learn to pick good jump destinations

Knowing where to jump is just as important as knowing how to jump — always make a plan for where you’re going to land and and have a backup plan to go with it, based on what you’ve learned about where good gear spawns. Check the map at the start of each match, find your … Read more

Turn down your foliage settings

Though PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds looks great at high settings. Better graphics don’t always mean you’re a better player. In fact, that lush greenery spread out around the island is actually a liability when your graphics are turned up. Fuller, more realistic trees, bushes and grass make it tougher to spot someone hiding inside them. So ratchet down … Read more