Double Grilled Quesadilla

Cost: Varies by Location Are you a fan of crunchy and crispy instead of soft and succulent? The Double Grilled Quesadilla is the Taco Bell entree for you. To make it, they simply grill the quesadilla for twice the usual time, resulting in the typical gooey cheese and savory meat on the inside, but with a … Read more

The Incredible Hulk

Cost: $1.89 This monster makes other burritos quake in fear, unable to compare to its size and powerful flavor. It takes Taco Bell’s famous 5-layer burrito, usually laden with melted nacho cheese, and replaces it with a whopping helping of guacamole around every corner. For those who want a healthier way to get their 5 … Read more

The Hulk

Cost: Varies by Location This burrito will make your friends green with envy. It’s pretty simple: add a heaping portion of guacamole to a bean and cheese burrito. The cool, strong flavor of guacamole mixed with the hot beans and cheese make for a mouthwatering mixture. Ask for The Hulk, and if the employee looks confused, … Read more

The Enchirito

Cost: $1.99 This is one of the biggest and most calorific items available on Taco Bell’s secret menu. It is a flavor-packed monster that is jammed full of melted cheese, beans, and beef, before being covered in red sauce and filled with diced onions. Many argue for its presence on the real menu, but just be grateful that … Read more

The Cheesarito

Cost: Varies All the portability of a burrito and all the melted cheesy goodness of a quesadilla, wrapped up into one delectable combination. It is the ultimate snack. It may look like an anemic sandwich, but it just means less mess and a solid carb-to-content ratio that is sure to fill a hole when you’re in … Read more

The Carnivore

Cost: Varies by Location If cold meats are not your thing but you still want a hefty dose of delicious protein, then opt for The Carnivore instead. If you can handle it, that is. The Sandwich Artists should be able to make this for you if you request it. If not, and if you get … Read more

The Meat Feast

Cost: Varies by Location This is Subway’s version of “everything but the kitchen sink”, and if you’re hungry enough, they might just add that for you as well. This is a thing of beauty, just what you need to satisfy your carnivorous hunger. Just ask the servers to throw all of their deli meats into … Read more

Chicken Parmesan

This cheesy chicken behemoth was a staple at many Subway restaurants and was popular with many of their devoted customers. But Subway stopped offering the Chicken Parmesan in 2010, much to the displeasure of those customers. Fortunately, you don’t need a menu item to get what you want in this restaurant and the Subway Sandwich … Read more

More Please Sub

One of the things that many customers seem to forget is that there is no limit to the quantity of food you can stuff into your sandwich. If you ask for meat or cheese, they will add a few slices. If you ask for sauce, they’ll add a dollop or two. But you can get … Read more

The Winged Style

Most Subway employees have been trained to tuck your meat into the sandwich when they make it for you, to ensure a better-packed, even sandwich. But for the lunchmeat connoisseurs who want to enjoy the protein-packed part of their sandwich, Subway sandwich artists can do “Winged Style”, which leaves small “wings” of meat hanging out … Read more