A festive event celebrated around Christmas time in FUT. It traditionally features daily Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), player countdowns, and other unique content themed around the holiday season.

FUT Friendlies

FUT Friendlies is a relaxed game mode where players can challenge their friends or other players online in matches that don’t affect their main FUT team’s record. A unique feature of Friendlies is the “House Rules” matches, which introduce various fun twists to the standard gameplay, such as “Max Chemistry” or “Mystery Ball.”

FUT Co-op

FUT Co-op is a collaborative game mode where players can team up with a friend online to compete together in certain FUT modes. This includes playing together in Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and Friendlies. It allows two players to combine their skills and strategies to earn rewards jointly.

TOTW Challenge

The Team of the Week (TOTW) Challenge allows players to face off against a squad composed of the latest TOTW players. Every week, a new team is formed based on real-life player performances from around the world. By taking on and beating the TOTW squad, players can earn in-game rewards.

FUT Events


FUT Events are time-limited, special events introduced throughout the FUT calendar year. These events often bring unique content, such as special player cards, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), and objectives. Examples from past games include the “FUTmas” holiday event or the “Team of the Season” event. Rewards, challenges, and themes can vary with each event.

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