Award Winning

Award – winning professional shot from the back of a young boy with a teddy bear sticking out of his back pack walking through a war zone, very emotional shot, cinematic background,phenomenal attention to detail, shot with Nikon Z9 Mirrorless using Nikon 100 – 400mm f/ 4. 5 –5. 6 VR S Nikkor Z Lens

Cartoonish Cowboy

Cartoonish cowboy in western landascape, skinny, badass, rough lines and hand – drawn quality,raw and gritty appearance, unique charm and a DIY feel, exaggerated proportions and distinctive facial features, large eyes, expressive mouth, unique hairstyles, using subtle nuances in facial features, rough yet expressive lines, exaggerated character designs, , strong contrasts and intense hues, evoke … Read more

Cinematic Woman

A character with brown eyes and black hair, in the style of detailed atmospheric portraits,sparkling water reflections, hyper – detailed illustrations, wandering eye, Fujifilm Eterna Vivid 500T, chocolate – brown and midnight – black, intense close – ups

Green Amethyst Cat

Grass cat is a green amethyst geode and sparkling mineral crystal reflections face green amethyst geode and sparkling mineral crystal reflections, sculpture statue porcelain green amethyst geode and sparkling mineral crystal reflections texture, diamonds, detailed eyes, full Perfect body, symmetrical, Intricate detail, Gothic, Concept art, Middle shot portrait, toy Golden ratio, ultra high details, full … Read more

Fluffy Cat

Cute cat, fluffy cat, cute cat in cute clothes, cat has long fur, cat clothes are colorful, cat is playing on the grass with a lot of flowers, cat catching helium balloons, cat is holding Balloons, the background of blue sky and white clouds, the sky is rainbow, high saturation, blurred background,close – up shooting, … Read more

Throne Room

The iron throne in the throne room from game of thrones in windowstained glas art style, bright colors