Master the Basics with Skill Games

Before diving deep into FC 24 Ultimate Team, I always recommend brushing up on the basics. One great way to do this is by playing the Skill Games. Not only will they help you improve your skills, but you’ll also earn rewards. These games teach you shooting, passing, dribbling, and even defensive techniques. So, next … Read more

Ultimate Scream

A spooky event launched around Halloween. Historically, players would receive cards with “shapeshifting” abilities where certain stats would receive dramatic boosts at different times. The theme and mechanics have evolved over different FUT iterations but remain Halloween-centric.


These are dynamic player cards that are always one upgrade ahead of any other performance-based upgrade the same player might receive during the season. If the player’s base card gets an upgrade, the Headliner card will always stay one step ahead.


Player items that defy the norm. Their stats are altered in unconventional ways, breaking the typical characteristics of the player and offering a fresh in-game experience.


A celebratory event that highlights fan-favorite players from the past FUT year. It allows the community to vote for their favorite players in various categories, with the winners getting special pink boosted items.

Festival of FUTball

A celebration of international football. This event is particularly prominent during years when there are major international tournaments, such as the World Cup or the European Championship. It features special player items, challenges, and other content.

Winter Refresh

As the name suggests, this event typically introduces upgrades to certain players based on their real-world performance during the first half of the season. It can also bring new players to the FUT database and refresh league-specific objectives.


An event featuring player items that have undergone significant changes, not just in their stats but often in their positions as well. It’s a way to reimagine certain players in different roles or to emphasize aspects of their game.

Team of the Season (TOTS)

This event honors the standout players from various football leagues around the world based on their real-world performances throughout the season. Players receive special blue and gold cards with highly boosted stats.

Team of the Year (TOTY)

An annual event where the best players from the past calendar year are recognized. Players are chosen based on real-world performances and receive highly-rated special blue cards that are some of the best in the game.