OTW – Ones To Watch

What makes Ones to Watch special? The Ones to Watch items dynamically upgrade and have an opportunity to increase in ratings throughout the season. If you have a Ones to Watch item in your club, its ratings will automatically match that of the players latest Team of the Week, Man of the Match, European Team … Read more

Future Stars

Future Stars is a promotional program in FUT with special Future Stars player card for the players who are at the age of 23 or younger, are not yet an established star and have potential future ratings. The Future Stars will get special player cards with upgraded ratings. These ratings are based on where they … Read more

FUT Birthday

The FIFA Ultimate Team mode is turning 12 this year and EA Sports are celebrating the FUT Birthday FUT Birthday squad and some other events in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. FUT Birthday Squads and Players Two teams of FUT Birthday players will be available in FUT during the FUT Birthday event (27 Mar to 10 … Read more

Community Events

With Community Events, each player who completes Objectives in specified groups will contribute to a global XP pool. As this pool grows, the community will progress towards thresholds that unlock rewards for everyone who’s completed at least one objective in the event. They always start and end at 6pm (UK time zone).

Daily Objectives

At least three new objectives are released every day at 6pm (UK time zone), as part of Season Objectives. Complete dynamic Daily Objectives in-game or in the web & companion app to earn XP. From squad management goals to dynamic in-match challenges, the harder the challenge, more XP you’ll receive and the higher are your … Read more

Foundations Objectives

Replacing Manager Tasks and Starter Objectives, the FIFA 22 Foundations Objectives were created to help the new FUT players to learn how this game mode works. With organized learning objectives grouped together by subjects such as trading, team building and chemistry, these objectives are always available since the first day.

Weekly Objectives

Complete the objectives in-game or in the web & companion app to earn new rewards. From squad management goals to dynamic in-match challenges, the harder the challenge, the better the reward you’ll receive. Complete all the rewards from a single group to earn an extra reward and unlock the advanced group. If you don’t claim … Read more

Team Events

In FIFA 22 Team Events, you can collaborate and compete by completing objectives in-game to unlock rewards as a community. All you have to do is to choose to support one of up to five teams, each with their own set of objectives and rewards. Competitions are balanced based on which Team’s members are contributing … Read more