From Zero to Hero: Leveling and Progression in Warframe Explained

In the dynamic universe of Warframe, each Tenno’s journey is unique. However, every path invariably involves growth, power, and mastery. For newcomers and veterans alike, understanding the progression mechanics is paramount. Let’s journey from zero to hero, shedding light on leveling and the many facets of progression.

Warframe & Weapon Leveling

Starting at level 0, both Warframes and weapons can be leveled up to 30. This is achieved by using them in combat. Each level grants increased stats for Warframes and more mod capacity for both Warframes and weapons.

Mastery Rank (MR)

Your MR is essentially your account’s level. It’s determined by the number of unique items (Warframes, weapons, etc.) you’ve leveled up. Increasing your MR grants benefits, such as access to advanced weapons and more daily standing for syndicates.

Mastery Rank Tests

To rank up in MR, you need to complete a test. These vary from simple combat challenges to advanced mobility exercises. If you fail, don’t worry; you can retry after a 24-hour period.

Focus & Operator Progression

Once you’ve unlocked the Operator mode, a new avenue of progression emerges: the Focus system. This allows you to choose a school of power and gather Focus points to unlock passive and active abilities.

Gearing Up

Upgrading isn’t solely about levels. The Mod system allows you to customize and empower your Warframes and weapons. Fusion can further upgrade mods, and Forma can be used to optimize mod placement.

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