Del Taco Sauces at Home

The sauces are what makes a fast food restaurant. Think about it. KFC wouldn’t be KFC without their “Secret Recipe”. McDonalds burgers wouldn’t taste the same without that tangy sauce. And Popeyes would be decidedly less interesting without their secret Cajun Sparkle seasoning. And the same applies to Del Taco. In this case, it’s the Del Inferno sauce that … Read more

The Cheese Burrito

This is a simple cheese burrito, with oodles of the gooey, stringy, fatty stuff that we all love. Let’s be honest, the cheese is one of the best things about Mexican food. You can take your beans, your tortillas and your sauce. You can take your meat and your spice. But leave the cheese, because … Read more

The Green Bean Machine

This is another item that will get you nothing but a raised eyebrow if you ask for it at the counter. The Green Bean Machine is just a name that a blogger came up with to describe this secret menu item. It’s also one that has been adopted by many Del Taco secret menu fans … Read more

The Combo Cup

This is a protein feast in a convenient cup. In essence, the Del Taco Combo Cup is everything you would usually find in a burrito, but in a cup. Why leave out the tortilla? I hear you ask. After all, isn’t that the best part? Well yes, but not if you have a food sensitivity … Read more

The Bun Taco

Some people just aren’t cut out for Mexican food. They are the ones who slop everywhere. The ones who can’t seem to eat a taco without looking like they’re been dragged through a messy kitchen. If this sounds like you, then maybe you would be better off with the Bun Taco. Simply put, this is a … Read more

Go Bold

Special sauce and fries can make anything better. Your burrito? Add a dollop of sauce, some crispy fries and it’s the ultimate Stoner Burrito. Your cheeseburger? That meat and that cheese is just crying out for some fries and some sauce. Your crippling emotional pain? Sure, why not. It’s worth a shot. In Del Taco, … Read more

The Stoner Burrito

It may not look like the most appetizing burrito, but this tightly-packed, saucy, carb-loaded snack is perfect to get your energy levels up when you’re a little worse for wear. The aptly-named “Stoner Burrito” was created by a certain subculture looking to sate their insatiable appetites after a toke too many. Of course, it’s probably … Read more