Go Bold

Special sauce and fries can make anything better. Your burrito? Add a dollop of sauce, some crispy fries and it’s the ultimate Stoner Burrito. Your cheeseburger? That meat and that cheese is just crying out for some fries and some sauce. Your crippling emotional pain? Sure, why not. It’s worth a shot.

In Del Taco, the two words that can make this magic happen are “Go Bold”. These are the magic words that will get some extra special sauce and fries in anything you order. The picture is of a “Go Bold” Quesadilla, which is a delicious hot mess. But you can also do this with Del Taco burgers, burritos and anything else on the menu.

We wouldn’t recommend that you “Go Bold” on your drink or dessert. But if you are feeling that way inclined, then please take a picture of that abomination and send it our way. That’s something we just have to see.

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