The Stoner Burrito

It may not look like the most appetizing burrito, but this tightly-packed, saucy, carb-loaded snack is perfect to get your energy levels up when you’re a little worse for wear. The aptly-named “Stoner Burrito” was created by a certain subculture looking to sate their insatiable appetites after a toke too many.

Of course, it’s probably best that you don’t ask for a “Stoner Burrito”. Unless the servers are a certain way inclined, they might not know what you’re talking about. Instead, just ask for a bean and cheese burrito that is filled with fries, special sauce, and your choice or red sauce or green sauce.

If you like a little heat, then ask them to throw some extra chilies in there. If you want things a little cooler, then opt for a topping of sour cream instead.

The Stoner Burrito is not just for stoners either. The Stoner Burrito is a meal in a burrito, making it great for when you’re on the go. Much like a breakfast burrito really, only for every other time of the day.

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