Del Taco Sauces at Home

The sauces are what makes a fast food restaurant. Think about it. KFC wouldn’t be KFC without their “Secret Recipe”. McDonalds burgers wouldn’t taste the same without that tangy sauce. And Popeyes would be decidedly less interesting without their secret Cajun Sparkle seasoning.

And the same applies to Del Taco. In this case, it’s the Del Inferno sauce that makes this brand so popular. This sauce can be found in abundance in any Del Taco restaurant, but what if you want it at home? You could try to concoct a similar creation yourself, or you could buy it. Thankfully, Del Taco sells their Del Inferno sauce in bulk. And it’s cheap!

On the Del Taco homepage you can order 100 sachets of their Del Inferno sauce for just $5.99. These sachets come in a storage bucket. If you’d prefer, you can purchase their mild sauces or their super-hot sauces. There are also combination packs available.

The Del Taco site sells plenty of other Del Taco merchandise as well. If you’re obsessed with this brand, as so many Americans are, then this is where you can declare your allegiance to the Taco.

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