Use Your Utility To Gain The Advantage

Utility items are crucial for success in CS:GO, using them effectively can put your team in a position to win. Smokes, flashes, grenades, and incendiaries can block off territory, disrupt an area, and eliminate the enemy. If your Terrorist team on Mirage is pushing down Catwalk to the B site, well-timed smokes for Window and … Read more

Share Your Vision By Making Callouts

Everyone is watching a different angle, and sharing your knowledge with the team can empower the squad. Your teammates don’t have the same intel as you do, they are watching other locations and are engaging enemies in other areas of the map. If you keep them up to date with the enemies you’ve spotted, areas … Read more

Be Aware Of Everyone’s Economy And Buy As A Team

Managing your team’s economy is a significant part of winning rounds. Before you buy any weapons or utility, look at all of your teammate’s available resources. Just because you have enough money to buy a full loadout, doesn’t mean you should. When a team has 5 players with full loadouts, it’s a formidable squad. When … Read more

Low res + stretched = victory

1280×960, 4:3. Hardly the numbers of an achingly beautiful, fully immersive virtual world being rendered on your screen, but these are in fact the preferred resolution and aspect ratio of pro CS:GO players. And it’s not for framerate purposes. More frames can definitely give you an advantage, but it’s not like ‘Dupreeh’ can’t afford an … Read more

Start pre-aiming: Active versus reactive aim

Complexity’s ‘Coldzera’ is known for being one of the best riflers in the game. He’ll pull off plenty of slick plays, but watch his performances back and you’ll see an absolutely flawless pre-aiming technique. Pre-aiming, also known as active aiming, is just about putting your crosshair in the places that players are likely to be. … Read more

Lower your mouse DPI: Like, a lot

Most of us probably haven’t spent much time thinking about mouse sensors or DPI, but ‘S1mple’ has. The NaVi AWPer has one of the sickest aims in all of FPS gaming, and regularly pops off game-deciding headshots in an instant. And he does it using 400 DPI and an in-game sensitivity of 3.09. He’s not … Read more

Learn from Professionals

Read guides, watch streams, and follow esports tournaments. Feel like a sponge that absorbs CS:GO tips and tricks to use them in your games. Twitch streamers spend lots of time in the game, so they definitely know some interesting tricks. Esports teams earn a lot of money, so their fights make up the best CS:GO … Read more

Adjust the Game Setting for Maximum Comfort

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gives lots of opportunities to change something inside the game – through the traditional Settings Menu or many CS:GO console commands. Gain the basic game experience and you will begin to feel what you should adjust. Many Counter-Strike tips recommend paying proper attention to the following aspects: Mouse Settings – decrease the … Read more

Bots and Casual Matches before Competitive

It’s a special feeling when you jump into CS:GO for the first time and find yourself in total chaos, not knowing what is going on. Perhaps you don’t know where that bombsite is, how the enemies can kill you so quickly, and why everyone is yelling at you. The CS:GO community is quite toxic, so … Read more