Learn the language of callouts: Like English, only weird

Chess, unlike CS:GO, is a perfect information game. Both players can see the full board and all the pieces on it. CS:GO isn’t a perfect information game: you don’t know where any of your opponents are unless you happen to cross paths. That makes information even more important than bullets.

The particular currency that information is traded in during CS:GOmatches is callouts. Every bit of every map, down to each stack of crates, has a nickname. So when you see an enemy player and your whole team knows all the callouts in the map you’re playing, you can say ‘two on Tetris don’t peek’ and everyone will understand that two CTs are grouped near a particular set of boxes northeast of the A bomb site with a line of sight down the east corridor (t ramp).

If nobody understands these callouts, however, the information you obtained is useless, and probably everybody dies down t ramp.

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