Play at 144Hz or more: The truth Hertz

Every time your monitor ‘refreshes’ the image on-screen, it’s asking your GPU for a new image. Usually we think of graphics cards as the slowpokes here, but in games such as CS:GO that aren’t graphically demanding, it’s often the opposite: our lowly 60Hz monitor can only refresh the screen 60 times per second, but our GPU could be serving up twice or three times that many frames.

Every CS:GO pro plays at a higher refresh rate than 60 – it’s just a matter of how much higher. 144Hz panels are commonplace, but many play at even higher rates of 240Hz or 360Hz. You’d need to be churning out 360 fps to make use of the latter, but particularly if you’re running at low res that’s achievable.

The difference between 60 and even 144Hz is massive. Players on-screen can actually move quite a distance in one-sixtieth of a second, which makes them harder to track accurately with your crosshair. At 144Hz, you’re seeing more than twice the information on a player’s location per second, which makes aiming a lot easier.

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