No Run and Gun

The Counter-Strike fanbase likes to say that their game is really complex and has some hard mechanics to understand. This actually is the case whilst comparing it with some other big FPS titles. In CS:GO for instance, you have to stand still while shooting with most weapons. There are multiple ways to go about this, … Read more

Learn The Maps And Your Smokes

Learning the intricacies of each map can increase your impact on games. Every map has unique strengths, preferred hiding locations, and blind spots. Prioritizing your movement to check high-traffic areas first will give you an edge in duels. Throwing a smoke grenade from a secure location to create a safe passage to a better spot … Read more

Don’t Rotate Too Early, Anchor The Site

When you’re a Counter-Terrorist defending a bomb site alone, make sure someone sees the bomb on the other site before you abandon your location. Simply seeing an enemy or some utility doesn’t mean that the opponents are committing to a bomb site. Sending one or two Terrorists to make some noise is an effective strategy … Read more

Make Every Life Count, Trade Kills

Even when you get eliminated, you receive valuable intelligence that you can share with your team. Your remaining teammates can take advantage of knowing how you died, and, in the best cases, they can kill your executioner. Someone needs to be the first player through the door, but that person also usually dies first. If … Read more

Check Every Angle And Corner

When moving forward to clear a new area look for enemies in every new angle, and don’t cheat the corners. Call of Duty beginners should also take this tip to heart. Enemies rarely hide in the open, they are generally tucked into a corner hoping that you will run by without looking deep enough to … Read more

Be Aware Of The Sound Cues

Movement, weapons, and utility all generate audible cues that can alert your opponents. It’s important to be aware of the sound cues that you make, while also using enemy noises against them. Running, jumping, and falling from a high enough distance all make noise. However, crouching, walking, and crouch-walking are silent. Firing a gun, reloading, … Read more

Play at 144Hz or more: The truth Hertz

Every time your monitor ‘refreshes’ the image on-screen, it’s asking your GPU for a new image. Usually we think of graphics cards as the slowpokes here, but in games such as CS:GO that aren’t graphically demanding, it’s often the opposite: our lowly 60Hz monitor can only refresh the screen 60 times per second, but our … Read more