Start pre-aiming: Active versus reactive aim

Complexity’s ‘Coldzera’ is known for being one of the best riflers in the game. He’ll pull off plenty of slick plays, but watch his performances back and you’ll see an absolutely flawless pre-aiming technique.

Pre-aiming, also known as active aiming, is just about putting your crosshair in the places that players are likely to be. When you round a corner, don’t just look for enemies and then try to get a bead on them – have the bead already at head height and lined up for potential enemies as you’re rounding it.

You can see all riflers do this at esports level, and most public matches at Gold Nova I level or above will feature players using this technique. It’s especially important to employ if you’ve dropped your DPI to follow suit with the pros – if you don’t pre-aim, you just have further to drag the crosshair before you can take the shot.

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