Lower your mouse DPI: Like, a lot

Most of us probably haven’t spent much time thinking about mouse sensors or DPI, but ‘S1mple’ has. The NaVi AWPer has one of the sickest aims in all of FPS gaming, and regularly pops off game-deciding headshots in an instant. And he does it using 400 DPI and an in-game sensitivity of 3.09.

He’s not alone. Most pros use between 400-800 DPI and 1.5-2.0 sensitivity. If you’ve never tweaked your own settings, you’re probably using way more than that – something in the thousands. Having to make much bigger mouse movements to turn around or reach the corners of your peripheral vision takes a lot of getting used to, but ultimately it gives you finer control and less wobble in the crucial moments you’re actually firing.

How do you get around the extra time or movement it takes to move your crosshair around? You learn how to pre-aim.

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