The McKinley Mac

Cost: $4.49

Do you ever find yourself feeling unsatisfied or still hungry after devouring a Big Mac? Then this burger may be the answer to all of your problems.

The typical Big Mac, comprised of two 1.6 oz 100% beef patties, has nearly unmatched popularity among fast food companies across the world. But for those who love the Big Mac taste and toppings but want more, there is an option to get more bang for your buck and fill yourself up.

The McKinley Mac is all that the Big Mac is and more: instead of 1.6 oz patties, it has two quarter-pound patties, making for a monstrous meal that is sure to fill up the most ravenous appetites.

Ask for a Big Mac with quarter-pound patties, or if you know they make McKinley Macs regularly, just call it by name. Either way, brace yourself: you’re in for a culinary roller coaster.

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