No Loss Glitch

The Weekend League is the most important format in FIFA Ultimate Team Mode (FUT). But it seems that defeats can be avoided by stopping the game. A professional uncovers.

Over 100 players played a flawless Weekend League (WL) last weekend. 30 wins in 30 games they could achieve – the maximum in the WL.

But it seems that there is a perfidious trick currently being used which simply makes potential defeats null and void. The professional player Harry “Honey Badger” Blackmore posted a Twitter video in which he exposes the FIFA account SaLoOoM_14:

In the Champions Channel, the online archive of all FUT matches, the player had listed 52 matches for the weekend instead of the usual 30, his statistic was also 30-0 and many matches were DNF (did not finish). “I don’t quite understand how you can have so many matches,” said professional Honey Badger during his research.

In one match he even scored a goal in the 90th minute and then stopped the match. No defeat followed on his account. Honey Badger shows the clip in his video. The pro himself missed such a top 100 ranking, because this behavior also affected him.

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