Infinite Stamina

You know those matches where the opponent’s players never seem to get tired? Let’s explore: What is it? A glitch that allows players to run around without ever draining their stamina. How is it done? There are rumors that certain custom tactics or button combinations can trigger this glitch, though it’s not always consistent. How … Read more

The Invisible Player Glitch

This one’s crazy, guys! Sometimes you might find that there’s an invisible player on the pitch: What is it? A glitch where one of the players is invisible but still plays and interacts with the ball. How is it done? This might happen due to a bug in the game or a connection issue. It’s … Read more

No Loss Glitch

The Weekend League is the most important format in FIFA Ultimate Team Mode (FUT). But it seems that defeats can be avoided by stopping the game. A professional uncovers. Over 100 players played a flawless Weekend League (WL) last weekend. 30 wins in 30 games they could achieve – the maximum in the WL. But … Read more

Loyalty Glitch

You get loyalty in FC 24 Ultimate Team by playing ten matches with a player. Playing ten matches with specific players in FC 24 Ultimate Team squad battles will reward you with a loyalty bonus, as well as coins after every match. You can play against the CPU on amateur to hopefully quicken up the … Read more

Consequences of cheating

Along these years, EA has taken a few actions against cheaters, but we still think they were not enough, especially for PC. Let’s see the main ones: 1 PENALTIES EA has created a penalty system that includes remove you from FUT Champions leaderboards (you lose your rewards), wipe your FUT coins, delete your FUT club, … Read more

Duplicating Cards

It supposedly duplicates the cards you have. Usually, they ask you to choose the cards you want to duplicate. With this, they are ensuring that you have good cards because no one wants to duplicate worthless cards. Then, they ask your account details and… well, you know what happens next.

Buying Coins

First of all, let us make it very clear that buying coins is against the game’s terms of service. You are not allowed to do it. Besides that, when you buy coins you are making FC 24 a pay to win videogame (insert sarcastic joke here…). There are several online stores selling FUT coins, FC … Read more

Tools for PC

PC is clearly the platform more susceptible to cheats. There are several programs designed to control the game. The most popular ones are Trainer and Cheat Engine. They are able, for example, to change score, game clock, stamina, player ratings and budgets. The problem here is that EA is not taking any action against them … Read more


Bots are pieces of software which are permanently sending requests to the EA servers in order to stay updated and take care of automatic processes. The owner just has to indicate the price he’s interested in buying specific cards and, when they appear in the transfer market, the program makes the buy for him. The … Read more

The Maintenance Trick

As in any online game, EA has to maintain its servers from time to time to fix any errors that occur. In order to minimize inconvenience for players, EA announces these maintenance tasks with a certain lead time. You can use this maintenance work to bid on a lot of players in advance with a … Read more