Credit Farming Guide – The Index

Warframe The Index – Best Credit Farming Guide

Credits play a very important role in the game. Warframe has two important currencies one being the credits and the other being platinum. Platinum is something that you might require once in a while, but credits are something that can’t be ignored at all, not having credits will halt your progress. To farm credits fast and easily we have created this guide to help you.

Credit Farming Guide Warframe

It all depends on the style that you like, if you want fast and easy credits; there are a few things that you would need:

  • 3 Day Credit Booster
  • Good Tanky Frame
  • Powerful weapon

Best Place for Farming Credits?

Best place for farming credits is The Index @ Nef Anyo, there’s no doubt about it. The recent changes made to the Index has made it more fun. Earlier it used to be tedious due to the bots submitting the points even after the goal has been completed, all this has been fixed now. Also, you don’t lose any credits if you are not able to complete the desired goal which should really help the new comers to the game.

Now the newer changes allow you to immediately cash out as soon as the required points are submitted. I like to take Mesa and my Sicarus Prime, thanks to Arcane Energize, I never run out of energy.

Below is the required investment and returns for the Index (double return with Credit Booster).

Risk Wager Profit Point Target
Low Credits64‍ 30,000 Credits64‍ 75,000 50 Points
Medium Credits64‍ 40,000 Credits64‍ 135,000 75 Points
High Credits64‍ 50,000 Credits64‍ 200,000 100 Points

Best Frame for Credit Farming Index

I would say the best frames are the tanky ones which can carry a lot of points and not die quickly due to stress. I personally use Mesa a lot due to the press 4 to destroy everyone’s power. It is very easy to kill everyone and Mesa doesn’t eat up energy very fast.

The second choice of mine would be Rhino, just build for Strength and kill/collect points. I would recommend you to go with a few clan mates for doing this, one of you can focus on killing and the other one can run around and submit points.

Best Solo Credit Farm?

Earlier my Solo farm place used to be Hieracon, Pluto with a credit booster where I could easily get 50k credits with each run. But now the Index is extremely good there’s no denying to that, time by time you will find people running it and that would make it really easy for you to complete it.

Mods Rewarded in The Index

Below are the mods that are rewarded in the index.

  • Kinetic Ricochet (Tetra)
  • Medi-Pet Kit (Kubrow/Kavat)
  • Pain Threshold (Warframe)
  • Shield Charger (Sentinel)
  • Static Discharge (Prova)
  • Thermagnetic Shells (Detron)
  • Tether Grenades (Penta)
  • Flux Overdrive (Flux Rifle)

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