Mastery Rank

Mastery Ranking, commonly abbreviated as MR, is a method of tracking how much of the game’s total content a player has experienced with points earned by ranking up Warframes, Weapons, Companions, and Archwings with Affinity and also successfully completing Junctions and nodes on the Star Chart. Players can view their own Mastery Progress and Rank … Read more

How To Activate Reactive Crystal

Reactive Crystals are what you might have already seen while completing the Heart of Deimos quest, they were used as a puzzle to unlock a door. These crystals are spread across the infested open-world of Deimos. I was confused at first, about what they actually do, but there’s always something to do with the operator … Read more


Digital Extremes started the Warframe closed beta for Microsoft Windows on October 24, 2012. Since then it has had several versions and hotfix releases, and open beta was launched on March 25, 2013. A PlayStation 4 version was also developed, and was released at the console’s launch in November 2013, while the Xbox One version … Read more

How To Farm Son, Daughter, Father & Mother Tokens

In Deimos, you’ll require Tokens to buy certain things and also level up with Entrati Syndicate. There is a full family of Vendors at Deimos; the son, daughter, mother, father, and grandmother. All these NPCs handle different things spread across the map. There’s no such thing as farming these fast which I’ve seen in the … Read more

How To Access and Use the Helminth System

One of the main highlights of the Heart of the Deimos update is the Helminth System. For those who don’t know about it, this system allows you to switch Warframe Powers (not ultimate). At first, I thought, players will be granted access to it right away. But that is not the case, you have to … Read more

How To Access Cambion Drift

Heart of Deimos update just dropped for all platforms except Switch, here are the patch notes. The update size is 3GB and brings a lot of stuff, such as Xaku the new frame, a new infested open-world, tons of bug fixes, and a new warframe system that lets you change your warframe powers. We will … Read more

Warframe Launcher – Slow Download Speed Fix

Warframe Slow Download Speed Fix – Warframe uses its native launcher for downloading new updates and content. Sometimes the launcher doesn’t actually use the full speed of your network leading to frustration, especially when you’re trying to get access to a new quest or frame. There can be multiple reasons why this could be happening, … Read more

Warframe Trading Guide – Tradable Items, Process & Trade Tax

Warframe Trading Guide – The best part of this game which I like is Trading, today’s guide will be based on enlightening everyone regarding Warframe Trading. The word trading is self-explanatory, there’s not much to add to it. In Warframe, two tenno can exchange parts for platinum or a tradable part with one another. A … Read more

How To Enable Colorblind Mode in Warframe

Colorblind Mode was a much-requested feature from the community to help players that have colorblindness. The feature has finally been announced and was added to the game with the last hotfix. I am not sure what took them so long, but according to Reddit and warframe posts, they have done a bad job with the … Read more

Prime Warframe Price Check

Prime Warframe Price Check – Below is a list of Warframe Prices obtained from reliable sources. You can follow the prices listed here for trading purposes, prices are updated weekly. Prime Warframe Price Check Disclaimer: The prices can be wrong at some times since these are updated manually using sources such as and … Read more