How To Farm Son, Daughter, Father & Mother Tokens

In Deimos, you’ll require Tokens to buy certain things and also level up with Entrati Syndicate. There is a full family of Vendors at Deimos; the son, daughter, mother, father, and grandmother. All these NPCs handle different things spread across the map.

There’s no such thing as farming these fast which I’ve seen in the titles of some YouTube videos. You’ll just have to play a lot of Warframe, that’s it.

Note: The hardest tokens to get would be the Son Tokens, these require you to conserve animals. The easiest ones to get is mother tokens and daughter tokens.

How To Farm Son, Daughter, Father & Mother Tokens

Below, I’ve covered how you can gather tokens for different NPCs in Deimos. Hopefully, that helps everyone out in understanding how it works;

  • Mother Tokens (100 Standing) – Complete bounties from her and gain standing, this is probably the fastest and the easiest one. Recommended taking a squad to breeze through the missions. I did one bounty to farm Xaku parts and got like 100 tokens from one successful run.
  • Father Tokens (100 Standing) – Use the Parts Requisition for trading resources found on Cambion Drift.
  • Daughter Tokens (100 Standing) – The Daughter Token system revolves around fishing in Cambion Drift, this one is also easy if you know how to fish. Use this guide for the best fishing place for Deimos.
  • Son Tokens (500 Standing) – As mentioned earlier, pretty hard to get but certainly worth it. You can earn son tokens by conserving animals on Cambion Drift. Use Tranq rifle to put animals to sleep and then conserve them.
  • Grandmother Tokens (1500 Standing) – Trade her a selection of tokens for a grandmother token.
  • Otak Tokens (100 Standing) – Exchange mined resources with him to gain standing.

I will be sharing the best fishing spots and best mining spots for Deimos soon. Currently, testing what the best places are, make sure to bookmark the website and come back later to check. Also, check out how to farm credits and use codes!

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