Warframe Launcher – Slow Download Speed Fix

Warframe Slow Download Speed Fix – Warframe uses its native launcher for downloading new updates and content. Sometimes the launcher doesn’t actually use the full speed of your network leading to frustration, especially when you’re trying to get access to a new quest or frame.

There can be multiple reasons why this could be happening, before diving into the technical stuff make sure you don’t have any issue from your end.

Important: Whenever there’s a new update, there can be issues with the Warframe servers. If there are issues with their own servers then you cannot do much other than waiting. Everyone is trying to download the new update, which can lead to server load leading to slow download speeds.

Switch to Cable Connection

Wi-Fi isn’t exactly known for its stability; one user starts downloading something and everyone on the network starts facing issues. If you can’t switch to a wired connection, just ask everyone to turn off their bandwidth-leeching apps for a while.

Almost every router nowadays has a client that lets you check who is using the most bandwidth.

Close all other apps while downloading

You never know what other apps might be using your connection in the background. Use task manager to find out what app is using your connection and shut it down.

Also keep an eye on Windows Update, Windows is pretty notorious for downloading updates only when you need your connection the most. This might not be the case for everyone, but this happens with me every single time.

Switch to a VPN

I’ve had this problem so many times, I’d get around 3-4 MBPS with my connection, but as soon as I switch to New York using my VPN I’d start getting full speed that is 10-20MBPS. This might not work for everyone, but it certainly does for me. You can also use this to fix the file download error with Warframe Launcher.

I am not going to link to any programs from here, I’ll let you select whichever program you like.


Just before writing this article, I was facing this issue, I just followed the steps that I have given above and the result is below.

Hope this article helped you out! Also, check out how to fix other problems related to the updates and the lags. You can also enable the colorblind mode if you need it!

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