Prime Warframe Price Check

Prime Warframe Price Check – Below is a list of Warframe Prices obtained from reliable sources. You can follow the prices listed here for trading purposes, prices are updated weekly.

Prime Warframe Price Check

Disclaimer: The prices can be wrong at some times since these are updated manually using sources such as and We are currently working on an automated method to obtain the prices using the website which will update the prices mentioned here automatically. Make sure to bookmark this page so that you can come back later and find out whatever prices you need to check.

It is always recommended to buy parts since you can gather those for cheap, sets are always sold for higher prices. This can vary for a few primes/sets since the market is huge and there are a lot of things and factors that can change things.

If any of the prices are out of date you can comment below and let us know.

Last Updated on 08/22.

Ash Prime

Full Item Price: 170-200P

Ash Prime Blueprint 20p
Ash Prime Chassis 20p
Ash Prime Neuroptics 20p
Ash Prime Systems 80p

Banshee Prime

Full Item Price: 80-100P

Banshee Prime Blueprint 20p
Banshee Prime Chassis 15p
Banshee Prime Neuroptics 15p
Banshee Prime Systems 25p

Chroma Prime

Full Item Price: 50-60P

Chroma Prime Blueprint 20p
Chroma Prime Chassis 15p
Chroma Prime Neuroptics 15p
Chroma Prime Systems 25p

Ember Prime

Full Item Price: 110-150P

Ember Prime Blueprint 20p
Ember Prime Chassis 15p
Ember Prime Neuroptics 15p
Ember Prime Systems 25p

Equinox Prime

Full Item Price: 50-60P

Equinox Prime Blueprint 10p
Equinox Prime Chassis 15p
Equinox Prime Neuroptics 10p
Equinox Prime Systems 25p

Frost Prime

Full Item Price: 150-200P

Frost Prime Blueprint 25p
Frost Prime Chassis 15p
Frost Prime Neuroptics 15p
Frost Prime Systems 15p

Hydroid Prime

Full Item Price: 90-100P

Hydroid Prime Blueprint 45p
Hydroid Prime Chassis 45p
Hydroid Prime Neuroptics 15p
Hydroid Prime Systems 60p

Limbo Prime

Full Item Price: 60-100P

Limbo Prime Blueprint 5p
Limbo Prime Chassis 45p
Limbo Prime Neuroptics 10p
Limbo Prime Systems 10p

Loki Prime

Full Item Price: 250-300P

Recommended to wait for the unvaulting of this prime since it’s not going for cheap.

Loki Prime Blueprint 25p
Loki Prime Chassis 30p
Loki Prime Neuroptics 20p
Loki Prime Systems 65p

Mag Prime

Full Item Price: 100-150P

Mag Prime Blueprint 50p
Mag Prime Chassis 20p
Mag Prime Neuroptics 20p
Mag Prime Systems 45p

Mesa Prime

Full Item Price: 70-100P

Mesa Prime Blueprint 5p
Mesa Prime Chassis 10p
Mesa Prime Neuroptics 10p
Mesa Prime Systems 30p

Mirage Prime

Full Item Price: 30-50P

Mirage Prime Blueprint 20p
Mirage Prime Chassis 15p
Mirage Prime Neuroptics 15p
Mirage Prime Systems 20p

Nekros Prime

Full Item Price: 190-220P

Status: Vaulted

Nekros Prime Blueprint 20p
Nekros Prime Chassis 15p
Nekros Prime Neuroptics 10p
Nekros Prime Systems 20p

Nova Prime

Full Item Price: 120-150P

Nekros Prime Blueprint 10p
Nekros Prime Chassis 80p
Nekros Prime Neuroptics 10p
Nekros Prime Systems 10p

Nyx Prime

Full Item Price: 80-100P

Nyx Prime Blueprint 30p
Nyx Prime Chassis 20p
Nyx Prime Neuroptics 10p
Nyx Prime Systems 20p

Oberon Prime

Full Item Price: 90-100P

Oberon Prime Blueprint 15p
Oberon Prime Chassis 15p
Oberon Prime Neuroptics 20p
Oberon Prime Systems 30p

Rhino Prime

Full Item Price: 120-150P

Oberon Prime Blueprint 200p
Oberon Prime Chassis 80p
Oberon Prime Neuroptics 50p
Oberon Prime Systems 30p

Saryn Prime

Full Item Price: 120P

Saryn Prime Blueprint 15p
Saryn Prime Chassis 50p
Saryn Prime Neuroptics 15p
Saryn Prime Systems 20p

Trinity Prime

Full Item Price: 100-120P

Trinity Prime Blueprint 20p
Trinity Prime Chassis 15p
Trinity Prime Neuroptics 15p
Trinity Prime Systems 15p

Vauban Prime

Full Item Price: 190-200P

Vauban Prime Blueprint 20p
Vauban Prime Chassis 20p
Vauban Prime Neuroptics 20p
Vauban Prime Systems 15p

Volt Prime

Full Item Price: 180-220P

Volt Prime Blueprint 40p
Volt Prime Chassis 20p
Volt Prime Neuroptics 40p
Volt Prime Systems 20p

Wukong Prime

Full Item Price: 100-120P

Wukong Prime Blueprint 15p
Wukong Prime Chassis 10p
Wukong Prime Neuroptics 40p
Wukong Prime Systems 10p

Zephyr Prime

Full Item Price: 30-40P

Zephyr Prime Blueprint 15p
Zephyr Prime Chassis 10p
Zephyr Prime Neuroptics 10p
Zephyr Prime Systems 10p

Which one should I buy?

I always like to farm my primes by burning through the hoards of relics that I have and have accumulated. It’s a lot of fun and you get a lot of stuff that you can use later on. Sometimes people will be running vaulted relics as well in public games which is great for farming platinum. Any trash that you get from these relics can always be traded to Baro Ki’Teer.

Just keep in mind to not get any overpriced vaulted items, DE is always making changes and unvaulting long vaulted items. Just keep a check on what will be coming next and prepare accordingly. This is just a supply-demand thing.

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