Coconut Shrimp Pizza

This pizza originated in Korea, where they have seemingly fed from the surreality of their names to the north and the weirdness of their neighbours to the east. They decided that spicy, cured meats, oodles of cheese and fresh vegetables weren’t enough for a pizza, so they’ve thrown some coconut shrimp on it and have … Read more

Hotdog Stuffed Crust

If there are three words that can come close to Bacon Stuffed Crust, it’s Hotdog Stuffed Crust. There is something about the combination of pig’s noses, anuses and chicken meat that just makes us all tingly inside. Okay, so I’m cheating a bit. The picture is actually of a Domino’s Pizza Hotdog Stuffed Crust. It’s … Read more

Heart Shaped Pizza

Not too long ago, the Liverpool Echo, a newspaper in Liverpool, England, (think The Beatles and you’re there) discovered a secret in their local Pizza Hut. That secret was what you see here: a heart-shaped pizza. It is just what pizza-lovers have been waiting for. Let’s be honest, your date is not going to be … Read more

Bacon Stuffed Crust

There are three words that should be able to bring any pizza-lover to their knees: Bacon Stuffed Crust. I could end this there, and I’d have done enough. After all, what more do you need to hear? It’s bacon, and it’s stuffed in the crust. With cheese? Did I mention this was pizza? I don’t know … Read more